Grace Maxwell

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Doctor Delight

I’m trying to lead a life with a job that makes having a life near impossible.

Griffin Martin’s the biggest jerk in the Emergency Department and I’m stuck working with him.

No one else will have him. Behind his back, we call him Doctor Delight, and that’s not a compliment.

I can’t lose this job, but he tries my patience and finally when I’d had enough, and I stood up to him.

In front of everyone—the Chief Physician, the Nurse in Charge, and patients everywhere.

What does he dare to do?

He doesn’t fire me. Instead, he pursues me.

I don’t have time for this.

I’ve got bills to pay, my brother needs my help, and my world is coming apart.

I don’t need a bossy billionaire doctor to fix my problems.

But his Greek godlike looks, the sweet man underneath, and his persistence just might pay off.

This is the first in the Mercy Emergency Medical series. Characters from the Men of Mercy series are bound to show up. And Griffin and Tori promise to have you tearing your hair out one minute and reaching for a very cold glass of water.